Howto repair a Cyrus IMAP mailbox

Publisert mandag 10 mars 2008 klokka 16:07

Disclaimer: The following tip was written for FreeBSD 6.2, running Cyrus IMAP 2.2.13. It worked for me, but maybe not for you.


Some days ago the web mail on my server stopped working - it couldn't save some settings file. I immediately guessed that my /var partition was full again. (It's not the first time... Very long ago, when I didn't know better, I selected a too small /var partition. Since it normally goes OK, it's 65% full, I haven't fixed it yet.) I decided the quickest solution was to delete the content if the biggest Trash mailbox. It worked OK, the /var partition was down at 70% and the computer usable again. However, I expected the Trash mailbox index to rebuild successfully automatically, but no such luck. I then decide to copy the (cache, header, index) files from another empty Trash mailbox. Unfortunately, I screwed up even more, because I copied the file into the inbox... I tried running the normal reconstruct command in cyradm, but it just didn't fix anything.

The solution

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