From Clipperz to Password Safe

Publisert lørdag 21 mai 2011 klokka 00:49

As everyone else I have a lot of accounts on the web, and I know that I shouldn't use the same password everywhere. Seriously, don't do it. So, some years ago I started using password managers. I didn't select one of the many desktop applications - mostly because it would have been hard to keep the password database files in sync between all my computers. I selected Passpack - one of the better online password managers. Because it didn't support HTTP Basic Auth, which I had to use a lot, I switched to Clipperz - another great online password managers.

I have used Clipperz until today - more or less happily. Today I switched to Password Safe - a desktop password manager. I know, moving from the cloud to the desktop is kind of against the trend. However, the reasons I did it now are:

  • Easy syncing with Dropbox - even to my phone using the Android Dropbox App.
  • The Android Password Safe App is much easier to use than the mobile version of the Clipperz website.

So you could still say I'm using the cloud, but I have switch from the browser to native programs.

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Setting up SSHGuard on Debian

Publisert lørdag 25 juli 2009 klokka 01:17

SSHGuard is my favorite program for protecting my servers against brute force attacks. SSHGuard isn't limited to SSH, but that is what I use it for. I'm running SSHGuard on FreeBSD with the pf firewall and on GNU/Debian with the iptables firewall.

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Howto repair a Cyrus IMAP mailbox

Publisert mandag 10 mars 2008 klokka 16:07

Disclaimer: The following tip was written for FreeBSD 6.2, running Cyrus IMAP 2.2.13. It worked for me, but maybe not for you.


Some days ago the web mail on my server stopped working - it couldn't save some settings file. I immediately guessed that my /var partition was full again. (It's not the first time... Very long ago, when I didn't know better, I selected a too small /var partition. Since it normally goes OK, it's 65% full, I haven't fixed it yet.) I decided the quickest solution was to delete the content if the biggest Trash mailbox. It worked OK, the /var partition was down at 70% and the computer usable again. However, I expected the Trash mailbox index to rebuild successfully automatically, but no such luck. I then decide to copy the (cache, header, index) files from another empty Trash mailbox. Unfortunately, I screwed up even more, because I copied the file into the inbox... I tried running the normal reconstruct command in cyradm, but it just didn't fix anything.

The solution

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Hotmail parses URLs wrongly in plain text e-mail

Publisert mandag 4 september 2006 klokka 13:31

Take care when sending URLs in plain text to users - it might get wrongly parsed. The problem is . This has been reported earlier for Microsoft products as IE and Outlook, "®ion" turning into "®ion" for example, but finally we can experience it in all browsers because Hotmail is doing something similar...

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