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From Clipperz to Password Safe

Publisert lørdag 21 mai 2011 klokka 00:49

As everyone else I have a lot of accounts on the web, and I know that I shouldn't use the same password everywhere. Seriously, don't do it. So, some years ago I started using password managers. I didn't select one of the many desktop applications - mostly because it would have been hard to keep the password database files in sync between all my computers. I selected Passpack - one of the better online password managers. Because it didn't support HTTP Basic Auth, which I had to use a lot, I switched to Clipperz - another great online password managers.

I have used Clipperz until today - more or less happily. Today I switched to Password Safe - a desktop password manager. I know, moving from the cloud to the desktop is kind of against the trend. However, the reasons I did it now are:

So you could still say I'm using the cloud, but I have switch from the browser to native programs.

Data corruption in Clipperz

You might wonder why I switched from Clipperz - I even made a donation to the clever guys behind Clipperz. The reasons are:

The switch

Moving from Clipperz to Password Safe wasn't straight forward. Password Safe can't import the JSON file exported by Clipperz, only a XML file in a format defined by Password Safe. I fixed this by writing a small PHP script, clipperz2passwordsafe.php, that converts from JSON to XML. You can grab the script from my GitHub repository.

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